Academy of Modern Dentistry

in association with
Dr Sachdeva's Trident Dental Clinic

Practical Implant Training course I


Module I :Basics (Day 1)


a great introduction to implantology possible start of dental implant journey

Instruments and their use & handling

Case based learning about implants placement and surgical technique

Learn how to read CBCT in planning Dental Implants

Patient Examination, Selection, Systemic and Local factors in Implantology

Pre Surgical Planning : Patient diagnosis, Diagnostic cast, OPG, CBCT

Review of current implant Systems (How to select an Implant design, size)

How to Develop Treatment Plans

Applied Anatomy of Maxilla and Mandible

Suturing techniques : This is very important if you do not know how to close than do not open.

Hands on workshop on implant placement on models/ animal bones

Module II : Hands on (Day 2 and 3)

Our Clinical Sessions

Implant Placements (Demonstration)

Discussion- maintenance, newer techniques, implant failure and their management

Implant placement on patients by participants (2 implants)

Post-operative management

Duration of the course will be 2-3 days. 

Course Fee:  Rs 55,000+ GST

Participants : 1-3 only

 The course consists of a 2-3 days and includes classroom instruction as well as hands-on learning, including live patient treatment. 

A Morning session in a clinic setting will incorporate a focus on surgery, prosthetics and working on patient treatment plans. The session will feature lectures, case presentations and literature review.

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