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Implant Components

Posted on 21 March, 2016 at 14:10

A precise, consistent terminology is fundamental to our ability to communicate. This must be a routine terminology, unambiguous and descriptive. Such proper terminology makes it possible to introduce a touch of philosophy in every aspect of a discussion.

1. Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry:

It is the science and discipline concerned with the diagnosis, design, insertion, restoration, and/or management of alloplastic or autogenous oral structures to restore the loss of contour, comfort, function, esthetics, speech and/or health of the partially/completely edentulous patient.

2. Implant Prosthodontics:

It is the branch of implant dentistry concerned with the restorative phase following implant placement and the overall treatment plan component before the placement of implants.

3. Oral/Dental Implant:

It is a biologic or alloplastic biomaterial surgically inserted into soft/hard tissues of the mouth for functional cosmetic purposes.

4. Osseointegration:

It is the term that denotes at least some direct contact of lining bone with the surface of an implant at the light microscopic level of magnification under a functional load.

5. Rigid Fixation:

The term defines an implant with no observed mobility with 1-500gm force applied in vertical/horizontal direction.

6. Endosteal Implant:

It is an alloplastic material surgically inserted into a residual ridge, primarily to serve as a prosthodontic foundation

7. Root form Implant:

Implants designed to use a vertical column of bone. They can be smooth, threaded, perforated, solid, hollow, vented, coated or textured and are available in submergible and non-submergible forms in a variety of biocompatibile materials. They may be cylindrical or screw root forms.

8. Blade form Implants:

This form uses a horizontal dimension of bone and is flat and narrow in the faciolingual dimension.

9. Implant body/Fixture:

Is that part of implant designed to be surgically placed in the bone and may extend slightly above the crest of the alveolar ridge

10. Cover Screw:

These are first stage covers placed on top of the implant to prevent bone, soft tissue, or debris from invading the abutment connection area during healing.

11. Abutment:

It is that portion of the implant that serves to support and/or retain the a prosthesis or implant superstructure

12. Superstructure:

It is defined as a metal framework that fits the implant abutment and provides retention for prosthesis such as a cast bar retaining an overdenture with attachments

13. Impression coping:

It is a structure positioned onto the abutments prior to impression making, picked up in the impression and used to position an anolog in the impression. It can be direct/indirect.

Direct: It is picked up within the impression after loosening its screw from the abutment

Indirect: It remains in place in the mouth after the impression is removed and is subsequently reoriented in the impression before attaching the analog.

14. Implant analog:

It is attached to the transfer coping and then the assembly is poured; to replicate the retentive position of the implant body/abutment.


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