Academy of Modern Dentistry

in association with
Dr Sachdeva's Trident Dental Clinic

                                                                        Modern Dental Training Course
                                The Academy of Modern Dentistry offers training courses in two areas
                                                                  Implant Dentistry Training program  

These course consists of various modules which take place  over a period of one to two months. The course offers the participants a chance to obtain clinical and theoretical experience.

The Implant Dentistry training Program will comprise of live surgical treatment, hands-on training, numerous demonstrations, lectures and seminars. 
The course is ideal for dentists with little or no experience in placing implants and oral surgery but also for dentist who are looking to further enhance their clinical skills by placing implants in real-life situations. As the participants  work towards placing implants under supervision, they will be able to practice these skills by treating patients, not only delivering results but knowing the reasons why the results were delivered. The program covers the key aspects of Dental Implantology to provide evidence based, safe and predictable treatment of participants’ own cases. As a live patient course there is significant focus on patient selection, identifying suitable implant patients and how to create an optimum treatment plan using checklists and digital treatment planning tools.

Dentists will grasp an in-depth knowledge of all the adjunct therapies and diagnostic tools to ensure that planning stages are comprehensive and thorough ensuring the patient journey is smooth and predictable. 

Learn implant dentistry and practice in your clinic

Implant placement in Mandible/ Model

Learn to plan implant surgery

Radiographic (2D/3D)  analysis 

Learn about Implant Prosthodontics

Single crowns,Implant supported Dentures, Hybrid Prosthesis